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2 years ago
My teacher used to make me stay after school and she use make me make love to her. I really enjoy it and I hope know one fine out
2 years ago
She looks like my old teacher who uses make me stay after school and have sex with her because her husband is not giving her sex so I have to have sex with her and I enjoy putting my cock in and older women because I don't have to wear a rubber
2 years ago
My teacher used make me due my work in her office. One day I was in her office when she walk in and check on me and dam she was so beautiful and smell so good it was making my cock hard. So I had to sand up that when she ask me to drop my pants and underwear so she could play with my cock so I did and she put my cock in her mouth and suck on my hard cock and she ask me if I could put my cock in her wet pussy so I put her up on her desk and pulled her panties down and lick her pussy and fuck her as long as I can and cum inside her pussy
1 year ago
Incredibly steaming hot Thanks
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